Instructions to Contributors


  1. Starting 2017, authors should submit a copy of their manuscript that is readable on PC MS-Word 2007 through the JESAM website via the link:
  2. The manuscript contents should be arranged as follows:

    Page 1

    Authors’ complete name, designation, mailing address, email address

    Page 2

    Title of Article (at most 15 words)
    Abstract (at most 200 words in one paragraph)
    Key words (at least two)

    Page 3 onwards


  3. The manuscript should be typed double-spaced on A4 (210 x 297 mm) paper size, with margins of 2.54 cm on all sides. Text should be in 12 points Times New Roman font. Sentences should be separated by one character space and paragraphs should be separated by three (3) line spaces.
  4. Tables and figures should be integrated in the flow of discussion. They should be mentioned separately in numerical sequence. Each figure should be labeled with an Arabic number and the caption should be sentence style (without a period at the end) placed below the figure. If necessary, each should be complete with endnotes. Maps should have a scale. Illustrations should be of professional quality and ready for reproduction. Maps and illustrations should be no larger than 11.43 x 17.78 cm (full page) and should be capable of legible reduction to a size no larger than 11.43 x 8.89 cm (half page). Use line or bar graphs in monochrome. Avoid pie charts as they entail more color and cost in printing. All illustrations accompanied by captions should also be provided on separate electronic jpeg files for higher resolution layouts.
  5. Scientific names should be italicized.
  6. Technical terms, abbreviations, and acronyms should be defined at the first mention in the text.
  7. Any statistical material should be brief and simple.
  8. The recommended International System (SI) of units and symbols should be used (click here for the Practical Guide to the SI Units*). Use exponents instead of slash (e.g., kg ha-1). Use words when unit of measure is not involved (e.g., grains per panicle). In the case of range of values, indicate the unit at the end of the range (e.g., 10-15 t ha-1). Abbreviate the SI units, e.g., minute (min), hectare (ha), kilometer (km).
  9. Avoid beginning sentences with a symbol.
  10. Use percent symbol (%) with figures only (e.g., 5%), and spell it out (percent) with written numbers (e.g., five percent).
  11. Indicate the US$ equivalent of other currencies at the first mention in the text or indicate in a footnote in a table or a figure, if applicable. The exchange rate during the conduct of the study should be used.
  12. Each reference should be complete and accurate. Make sure that all citations are found in the list of references and that all references are cited in the text. The author-date form of citation in the text should be used and these should be italicized. (Example:  The challenge is to become masters of the further evolution of our own species (Jonas 2015); for works by two authors: Oliquino-Abasolo and Zamora 2016; for three or more authors: Dove et al. (2015).Several works by the same author(s) published in the same year should be distinguished by adding lowercase letters to the dates, alphabetized by title (ignoring articles and prepositions) (Example: Fox 2015a, 2015b).Bibliographic references should be listed alphabetically following the APA Style.
  13. Self-citations should not exceed three (3);
  14. Data should not be more than five (5) years old;
  15. The third person point of view should be used;
  16. Appendices and supplementary electronic materials could be submitted but these may not be published together with the article but could be saved in JESAM database;
  17. Suggest a running title, which will be reflected on top of the succeeding left pages of the article on the layout.
  18. Manuscript length should NOT exceed 30 pages excluding tables and figures


Review Process:

Manuscripts are reviewed “blind.” Authors should submit their names, professional positions, and institutions on a separate sheet. They should also mask any items of self-reference where they appear.


Printing Support Fee:

Authors will be charged US $15.00 (PhP500.00) per page based on the number of pages of the final layout of the issue once published.


Papers must represent an original work and must not be under consideration by other publishers.

*Brownridge, D. 2006. Practical Guide to the International System of Units (SI). Revised January 28, 2008. Retrieved from